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Starchaser [userpic]
New Year's

I like the resolution kind of thing. Mine are the same as most people make. I am going to lose some weight. I am going to read my Bible all the way through again. Normal stuff.
I am going to continuo in my get out of debt program. I hope to very soon owe only a house payment and my utilities. Soon.
I am actually going to follow my nephew Brandon's advice and send off a short story or two to see what happens. That means finishing the joke and the frog story and redoing the kitten story.
I have three, count them, three mystery stories plotted. I am going to write one. The goal is just the first draft.

Short term goals:
I am going to follow my pastor's suggestion and make a list of every scripture in the New Testament that tells why Jesus came to this earth.

Most important goal:
I am going to make Isaiah 53 and Romans 6 and Galatians 23:320 and Ephesians 1 a part of me as per Sunday's and Wednesday's nights sermons. I am going to grow in Jesus. Deeper and higher every day is the plan.

The easiest goal to meet: Reading the Bible all the way through in a year.
The most difficult: Losing weight. Isn't it always?

The most important: Deeper and Higher

The most fun: The short story goal and Deeper and Higher.

The most painful: The short shory goal, losing weight, and deeper and higher.

Let's see what happens.