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Starchaser [userpic]

Last week my washer went out. No big deal. It was at least eighteen years old. The man who normally worked on the washer told me what was wrong without even looking at it and then told me how much a new one would cost. We have changed our attitude toward debt. We want none. Totally. I have paid off bill after bill. I am down to paying off medical bills only. For that reason I have NO desire to go buy a washer on credit. I told my husband that we could buy one outright in a matter of weeks. Until then it wouldn't be a big deal to go to a laundromat. He knows that it is difficult for me to carry baskets of laundry around with my arthritis and bad back even on good days. He suggests that we buy a good used one that we can find for little money and save just a little longer to get the washer dryer set I really want. I didn't know which option I wanted most. I wanted to think about it for a bit. Meanwhile, I had laundry to do.

Today I went to a laundromat for the first time in at least eighteen years. It was clean and well kept. My husband did the carrying. I hope to never return. It cost a dollar fifty to wash one load. I had six. This was a small laundry day. Nine dollars to get clean cloths. Nine dollars!!! I can not believe it. I must confess to creating a small scene. I looked at the digital thingymajig on one of the six washers that I had already filled with my laundry and into which I had already put my detergent and said out loud, "ONE FIFTY!! Are you serious!!! A dollar fifty?! To wash clothes?!

People stared. The attendant made a comment about electrify and water. She may be right but a buck fifty? Goodness! Last time I was at a laundry mat it cost fifty cents a load.

I sat down and figured as my NINE-dollar laundry washed and figured. If I were a person who had to do wash and dry all my laundry there every week, my laundry would cost me around twenty dollars or more a week. Eighty to ninety dollars a month will buy a nice brand new washer dryer set in just no time at all. We are going after a decent used washer as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will open the "clean clothes" savings account. How do the working poor make it?