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Random topics

The news is driving me crazy right now. Anyone else? How in the name of heaven did Anna Nicole Smith become news? I can understand a mention or two of her in the news, but for it to be the main topic of conversation on so many television and radio news shows for weeks is just insane. Bury the woman and shut about her. Poor sad creature.

On the same note, what’s with Brittany Spear thing? Same kind of phenomena. Who cares? There are plenty of tabloid news sources for those who pine after every detail of drugged out slutty teenage idols. Must we have it on the so-called mainline news every evening? Spare me.

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t care one bit about the Academy Awards? I can’t even tell you what movies have been nominated except for the algore sci-fi flick. I do know about that piece of nonsense that every idiot is sucking up as gospel. Since it is so very politically correct and since the Academies are all about political statements and not about who can or cannot make a good movie, I do expect algore to win whatever award he is nominated to win.

On a happier note: We are having spring like weather. Now it will not stay. We will have more cold weather. If we have a huge snow, it will happen in the coming month. Most all of our big snows happen in March. Still everyone is enjoying the weather. Every customer who comes into my store tells me how much they like this sunshine and upper sixties. Then in the next breath they remind me and anyone else who is listening that the big storm is on the way. After all, the Farmer’s Almanac says it is on the way.

My manager and my district manager and I had a Star Trek conversation this morning. We are all avid fans from childhood. We three can name episodes, do dialogue, and name guest actors on all the series and movies. We do not have our own uniforms or tricorders like the real hard core Trekkers do, but we know our stuff. The other two people in our office just look at us in dismay.

I remember coming home from school as a child and a pre teen and even as a teen to watch Star Trek after school. In fact as an adult, when I had begun teaching, I bought my very first VCR for one reason and one reason only: to tape Star Trek. I paid 500.00 for it in those days. It was the VCR that had to be tuned by hand into each channel. I have read all of the Star Trek books. I have even gone to one Star Trek convention years ago in the 1980s.

There may be a Star Trek weekend coming.