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Well, I am sitting here on a Saturday afternoon "working" in the office at the dorm. The only thing I'm really doing is avoiding reading more about the "Environmental Revolution" for class...lol!!! Although very interesting, my senioritis seems to be setting in more in more each day! Kris and Dad are here in Abilene this weekend. Kris took the ACT yesterday and she is playing some basketball this afternoon. It's always so fun to have her here!!! Even if we do have to share a twin bed! Thursday her and Dad pulled into town around 11pm. Luke (the boyfriend) and I were of course getting coffee at the new "Starbucks" (I put that in quotes because they're not quite an official Starbucks yet, but getting there)when they called to say they were here. Needless to say I now spend a lot of time in the library with that coffee shop there. Anyway...Kris and I got all her stuff upstairs and got to sleep around 12:30am when I got a phone call from one of my desk workers saying that she would not be able to work her shift which is from 1am-5am. I normally would have to work it but being such a terrible shift I talked to my boss and we decided to lock up the office. By the time I did that and got back to room and almost to sleep it was 1:30am or 2. By this time Kris has realized that college life really is most active around midnight! On Friday morning Kris and I went over to the campus center to meet up with the people that were taking the group of high-schoolers on a tour. She ended up getting to sit through a Bible class and in the mean time met some new people...already! When I met up with her to go to chapel after class she asked if I would be alright with her sitting with the people she met...big sis gets replaced quickly huh?!?! HaHaHa! I should have known Kris would be the life of the party! Since then it's been a whirlwind of simple life things. Class, errands to run, dinner with everyone, etc. Even though we haven't done a single very exciting thing this weekend it's just great to have family here! Not to negate Brandon's significance but he doesn't buy ice-cream with me and fall asleep to a goofy movie...yay for sister time!!! It's going to be great working here while Kris and Brandon are going to school here next year! On that note...I have my interview for the Resident Director position in a dorm this week so I would appreciate your prayers! Hope you all have a blessed and peaceful week!!!
Much love,

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James, come go with me . .

A customer of mine and I had a conversation about the things that were common to us when were children as compared to what is normal to the children today. It was a fun thing to consider.
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FYI: Dates to remember: May 13 - Jeni's graduation & May 25 - Kristen's graduation. We'll probably have a party @ my mom & dad's house in Neosho, but we would really love to have some family attend either or both graduations!

Nothing too exciting going on but Aunt Mickey's on me to post so I am because I'm a wonderful niece. Ummm...tornado sirens for the second night in a row last night. Most of Willard was up till about 1:30 because it's impossible to sleep with those things. I was worried about all the Neosho folk, especially since Jed and Lynsey weren't answering when Dad called them. I was up late anyway researching for my stupid research paper. I'm doin it about arson. It's creepy, but interesting. Still...I research papers and I MLA. 3-day weekend was lotsa fun. Thursday night was my friend Britney's birthday so 5 of us went to the movies and then spent the night at her house. Brit and I workaed Friday and Saturday at University Plaza Hotel, doing parking. We basically got paid $7.50 an hour to sit in lawn chairs and eat junk food and play games. Pretty sweet job if you ask me! Back to school today, it was pretty boring, but we only have one more week till spring break! I'm way excited! Kay, well I gotta run. I love and miss you all!

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Well we had ourselves a rather exciting night. We drove home from church last night through big thunderstorms admiring the lightening. It was a spectacular show. Fingers of lightening flashed through gray purple sky all the way home.
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Brandon won 2nd place at Nationals in Tenn yesterday~! He had a great run and lots of fun. Just as exciting.... he gets to come home tomorrow for Spring Break!

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Family news
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Hello family. Please pray for Brandon this weekend, as he is debating in Gatlinburg, TN. He thankfully just returned from a conference in Washington DC where he was able to hear Dick Chaney and several others give speeches.

Congratulations on the great ACT score Jerusha! Way to go!

I'm scrapbooking - my new hobby. I'm not crafty like Melissa or Aunt Mickey - but I am loving this new hobby. I just don't have a lot of time to devote to it.

Last night Kristen and her friend, Landon Cotton taught the teens at church. There were 300 kids there. They did a really good job!

Love to all!!!

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This is sparklyfirefly's first post. She is just having a wee bit of trouble getting this in her own journal. Now it is here. Starchaser

Hilo, I don't know who all's gonna read this (if anybody) cuz I'm not too sure how this whole deal works yet...but it's Wednesday and I'm writin here for the first time. The famillia is at church but Mason is sick so I'm stayin home with the little nut.I made dinner tonight, fried chicken, french fries and salad. Too bad I burned myself multiple times in the process, but that's beside the point right? This weather is AMAZING and I love it! I even convinced one of my teachers to let us go outside today. fun fun! Got my ACT back..2 days ago I think? Got an 26. Not sure if I'm gonna retake it yet or not, we'll see. Kay welp I gotta go clean my room, finish up homework and take a shower. See ya!

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