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Starchaser [userpic]

This has been such a horrible winter;  the winter that will not go away.  We had that horrible ice storm in January that every paper said was the worse ice storm in a hundred years.  That was followed by a month of exceedingly cold weather, much colder than normal and with cold that lasted much longer than normal for our area.   Then March came in with cold weather.  But soon the cold was gone and the end of March was everything we winter weary people could want.  It was warm and soft. The grass turned emerald green, the birds and frogs sang and all was right with the world. 


My apple trees and peach trees and cherry trees were covered with blooms in their turn. The lilacs and daffidols bloomed merrily.  I picked boques for my home and rejoiced in spring.  We need a spring after this horrible nasty cold ugly winter.  Easter was on its way.  I packed up my winter clothes and cheerfully packed them away.


April blew in with gusty icy winds. Suddenly the nasty horrible deceitful winter had returned.  Every since the Wednesday before Easter we have had ice cold weather with down pours of rain mixed with snow like we had yesterday and are having today.  Snow and ice cold weather on April 14.  The lows have been in the mid and low twenties for two  weeks. The apple blossoms and cheery blossoms are dead. The peaches are dead.  The lilacs are dead.  The grass is brown.  I am pulling my winter clothes out again.


There are several farmers that make their livings with big orchards of peaches and apples in our area.  There are other large farms that grow strawberries and blueberries. The paper is reporting that these farmers are saying that their crops are a total loss. The news said that the same crops in other states we also ruined. We will be paying high prices for bad fruit all summer and next winter.    Horrible, hideous winter. I looking for snow in June, so help me. This horrible nasty cold will NOT go away.


Yesterday almost every single customer that walked into our store complained about the cold weather.  It poured all day yesterday and it was very cold.  It was April 13.  Everyone complained. Today is the city wide garage sale in my home town. It is usually a huge event with much fun and thousands of people.  Today it is very cold with snow and rain. April 14.  I am so very sick of cold weather.  I told my mother yesterday that I was finished with it.  I was too old to ever be cold again. As soon as I can talk my husband into it. I am going to move where I never see snow or ice again forever.  My mother and I want to go to Hawaii and live.  I am all for it.  She said that we could get our grass skirts and head out.  I told her I was more than ready.



Starchaser [userpic]

The news is driving me crazy right now. Anyone else? How in the name of heaven did Anna Nicole Smith become news? I can understand a mention or two of her in the news, but for it to be the main topic of conversation on so many television and radio news shows for weeks is just insane. Bury the woman and shut about her. Poor sad creature.

On the same note, what’s with Brittany Spear thing? Same kind of phenomena. Who cares? There are plenty of tabloid news sources for those who pine after every detail of drugged out slutty teenage idols. Must we have it on the so-called mainline news every evening? Spare me.

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t care one bit about the Academy Awards? I can’t even tell you what movies have been nominated except for the algore sci-fi flick. I do know about that piece of nonsense that every idiot is sucking up as gospel. Since it is so very politically correct and since the Academies are all about political statements and not about who can or cannot make a good movie, I do expect algore to win whatever award he is nominated to win.

On a happier note: We are having spring like weather. Now it will not stay. We will have more cold weather. If we have a huge snow, it will happen in the coming month. Most all of our big snows happen in March. Still everyone is enjoying the weather. Every customer who comes into my store tells me how much they like this sunshine and upper sixties. Then in the next breath they remind me and anyone else who is listening that the big storm is on the way. After all, the Farmer’s Almanac says it is on the way.

My manager and my district manager and I had a Star Trek conversation this morning. We are all avid fans from childhood. We three can name episodes, do dialogue, and name guest actors on all the series and movies. We do not have our own uniforms or tricorders like the real hard core Trekkers do, but we know our stuff. The other two people in our office just look at us in dismay.

I remember coming home from school as a child and a pre teen and even as a teen to watch Star Trek after school. In fact as an adult, when I had begun teaching, I bought my very first VCR for one reason and one reason only: to tape Star Trek. I paid 500.00 for it in those days. It was the VCR that had to be tuned by hand into each channel. I have read all of the Star Trek books. I have even gone to one Star Trek convention years ago in the 1980s.

There may be a Star Trek weekend coming.

Starchaser [userpic]

The freezing rain started last Friday. People began losing their electricity that night. Most of my small town lost it then.

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Starchaser [userpic]

Last week my washer went out. No big deal. It was at least eighteen years old. The man who normally worked on the washer told me what was wrong without even looking at it and then told me how much a new one would cost. We have changed our attitude toward debt. We want none. Totally. I have paid off bill after bill. I am down to paying off medical bills only. For that reason I have NO desire to go buy a washer on credit. I told my husband that we could buy one outright in a matter of weeks. Until then it wouldn't be a big deal to go to a laundromat. He knows that it is difficult for me to carry baskets of laundry around with my arthritis and bad back even on good days. He suggests that we buy a good used one that we can find for little money and save just a little longer to get the washer dryer set I really want. I didn't know which option I wanted most. I wanted to think about it for a bit. Meanwhile, I had laundry to do.

Today I went to a laundromat for the first time in at least eighteen years. It was clean and well kept. My husband did the carrying. I hope to never return. It cost a dollar fifty to wash one load. I had six. This was a small laundry day. Nine dollars to get clean cloths. Nine dollars!!! I can not believe it. I must confess to creating a small scene. I looked at the digital thingymajig on one of the six washers that I had already filled with my laundry and into which I had already put my detergent and said out loud, "ONE FIFTY!! Are you serious!!! A dollar fifty?! To wash clothes?!

People stared. The attendant made a comment about electrify and water. She may be right but a buck fifty? Goodness! Last time I was at a laundry mat it cost fifty cents a load.

I sat down and figured as my NINE-dollar laundry washed and figured. If I were a person who had to do wash and dry all my laundry there every week, my laundry would cost me around twenty dollars or more a week. Eighty to ninety dollars a month will buy a nice brand new washer dryer set in just no time at all. We are going after a decent used washer as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will open the "clean clothes" savings account. How do the working poor make it?

Starchaser [userpic]

I like the resolution kind of thing. Mine are the same as most people make. I am going to lose some weight. I am going to read my Bible all the way through again. Normal stuff.
I am going to continuo in my get out of debt program. I hope to very soon owe only a house payment and my utilities. Soon.
I am actually going to follow my nephew Brandon's advice and send off a short story or two to see what happens. That means finishing the joke and the frog story and redoing the kitten story.
I have three, count them, three mystery stories plotted. I am going to write one. The goal is just the first draft.

Short term goals:
I am going to follow my pastor's suggestion and make a list of every scripture in the New Testament that tells why Jesus came to this earth.

Most important goal:
I am going to make Isaiah 53 and Romans 6 and Galatians 23:320 and Ephesians 1 a part of me as per Sunday's and Wednesday's nights sermons. I am going to grow in Jesus. Deeper and higher every day is the plan.

The easiest goal to meet: Reading the Bible all the way through in a year.
The most difficult: Losing weight. Isn't it always?

The most important: Deeper and Higher

The most fun: The short story goal and Deeper and Higher.

The most painful: The short shory goal, losing weight, and deeper and higher.

Let's see what happens.

Starchaser [userpic]

President Ford has died at 93. I was in high school when Nixon and appointed Ford as his vice president so that he would become president after his resignation. I remember the outcry when he pardoned Nixon although everyone knew that he would do so. I remember voting for Ford when he ran against Jimmy Carter when I was in my first year of college. That was my first time to vote. Because of when my birthday falls in the year, I graduated early because I started kindergarten early. The first time I could vote was in 1976. It was a big deal. That was only a few years after they lowered the age to vote from 21 to 18.
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Starchaser [userpic]

I have a praise report. This Monday a thirteen year old boy went into the middle school in which I used to teach, a middle school in the town near the one in which I live, and threatened to kill students and a principal. He shot into the ceiling. He pointed the gun at the principal and pulled the trigger twice, but both times the gun jammed. The principal talked the kid into walking outside with his gun where he was arrested. No one was hurt, not even the thirteen year old gunman.

One of the young women that grew up in my church teaches in that middle school now This is her second year. She saw this happen since it happened near her room. She saw the child point the gun at her princpal after he shot into the ceiling. She remembers thinking, "He's going to shoot my principal."
Then she heard over the intercom, "Teachers we are on lock down."
She went into her room and locked herself inside. Since it was early morning there were very few students at school and very few inside. She didn't have any children in or near her room. She said she prayed out loud of the saftey of her principal and that student and then she prayed in tongues.
Later she learned that the teacher prayer chain were also praying. One teacher said that she believed that since they the teachers have not locked God out of their school, He protected them. The principal said in a meeting that he didn't care about the "separation of church and state" he was thankful to God for His protection that morning.

I am giving glory to Jesus and thanking Him for protecting the students, the teachers, the principals and the staff and that young man.

He is arrested now and will get the help he needs I hope. Please pray for him and his family. Thank God. Praise God for his protection.

Starchaser [userpic]

On this fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I have decided to post some of the entires in my personal journal from that time.

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starchaser75 [userpic]

Well . . . . my nieces told me that they would let me know their myspace nics. Have they? Nope. I did get a message in myspace. It was from some silly guy named kameron or something like that. He wanted to be my friend. He said that he had looked at my site and thought we should be friends. He liked what he saw. He things I would be fun and interesting and cute. Blind boy. I have no picture on myspace. The folks at work laughed when I read it to them.

Starchaser [userpic]

This was a gardening weekend, a hot sweaty dig in the dirt weekend. My kind of weekend. I loved it. One of my brothers sent me money in the mail. Why? I don’t know. He won’t tell me. The check said, “Just for fun.” It isn’t my birthday or my anniversary. Just for fun? I can do that. What did I do for fun? I rented a tiller. My mother was most upset. One of our favorite ladies stores was having a big sale. She is convinced that I needed new clothes. She may be right but I needed the garden much more. She doesn’t get that thinking.

Any way I rented a tiller. I called my other brother and told him I had the tiller. Did he want to use when I was finished with my garden? No, he had his garden in. Yet Saturday morning he showed up at my house with manure in his truck bed and tilled my gardens. What wonderful brothers I have! I spent the rest of the day planting. I planted morning glories, cosmos, zinnias, bachelor buttons, tomatoes, green peppers, cabbage, broccoli, a peony, and three pink phlox. Tonight I will finish by planting cucumbers, green beans, sweet corn, zucchini, and yellow straight neck squash. This week I will plant the marigolds and more zinnias. Next weekend I will get the pool ready to go. YIPEE!!! This is so my time of year.

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