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April 2007
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Starchaser [userpic]

This has been such a horrible winter;  the winter that will not go away.  We had that horrible ice storm in January that every paper said was the worse ice storm in a hundred years.  That was followed by a month of exceedingly cold weather, much colder than normal and with cold that lasted much longer than normal for our area.   Then March came in with cold weather.  But soon the cold was gone and the end of March was everything we winter weary people could want.  It was warm and soft. The grass turned emerald green, the birds and frogs sang and all was right with the world. 


My apple trees and peach trees and cherry trees were covered with blooms in their turn. The lilacs and daffidols bloomed merrily.  I picked boques for my home and rejoiced in spring.  We need a spring after this horrible nasty cold ugly winter.  Easter was on its way.  I packed up my winter clothes and cheerfully packed them away.


April blew in with gusty icy winds. Suddenly the nasty horrible deceitful winter had returned.  Every since the Wednesday before Easter we have had ice cold weather with down pours of rain mixed with snow like we had yesterday and are having today.  Snow and ice cold weather on April 14.  The lows have been in the mid and low twenties for two  weeks. The apple blossoms and cheery blossoms are dead. The peaches are dead.  The lilacs are dead.  The grass is brown.  I am pulling my winter clothes out again.


There are several farmers that make their livings with big orchards of peaches and apples in our area.  There are other large farms that grow strawberries and blueberries. The paper is reporting that these farmers are saying that their crops are a total loss. The news said that the same crops in other states we also ruined. We will be paying high prices for bad fruit all summer and next winter.    Horrible, hideous winter. I looking for snow in June, so help me. This horrible nasty cold will NOT go away.


Yesterday almost every single customer that walked into our store complained about the cold weather.  It poured all day yesterday and it was very cold.  It was April 13.  Everyone complained. Today is the city wide garage sale in my home town. It is usually a huge event with much fun and thousands of people.  Today it is very cold with snow and rain. April 14.  I am so very sick of cold weather.  I told my mother yesterday that I was finished with it.  I was too old to ever be cold again. As soon as I can talk my husband into it. I am going to move where I never see snow or ice again forever.  My mother and I want to go to Hawaii and live.  I am all for it.  She said that we could get our grass skirts and head out.  I told her I was more than ready.